Published on August 27, 2014, by Jen in Pregnancy.

I had a lengthy “wish list” for this – my final pregnancy.

1. That my gestational diabetes would be mild and manageable.

2. That this baby would pick a favorable position

3. That I would be able to go into labor naturally.

4. That the timing of said labor would not interfere with John’s Master of Accounting program.

5. That I would be able to VBAC again.

For me, given my obstetrical history of GD, large babies, previous c-section, etc – this list is nothing short of asking for the miraculous. So now, I am nearly 39 weeks and the following has happened:

1. My gestational diabetes has been amazingly controlled with little if any affect on Barrett. He is measuring right at the 50th percentile.

2. He is firmly engaged and ready to go

3. My team of doctors is letting me go to my due date for the first time ever. They have also agreed to break my water by next Thursday to induce labor if I haven’t already delivered.

4. John is off til the Monday after Labor Day from class.

5. All signs are a go for another vbac.

And I have the nerve to be impatient and uncomfortable!!! Considering all that we’ve dealt with this pregnancy, you would think I would be nothing less than completely grateful! But I’m human….and I’m 36. I’m relishing these last days of ever being pregnant again, while simultaneously dreaming and hoping that each day is THE day. Part of me is also scared about what we will face raising this special little guy…but I am so ready to just face those fears and get on with it!

So all In all, things are well here. We will be having this baby within 8 days and there is comfort there. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!