Published on June 18, 2014, by Jen in Pregnancy.

Today, I am 28 weeks and 3 days into my pregnancy, so I thought I’d just post an update while I twiddle my thumbs waiting for my Fetal MRI next Tuesday, 6/24, with Dr. Desai at CHOA – Egleston (they have a partnership with the Emory University Radiology Department to do this sort of imaging – and I’m secretly praying it’s not a child sized MRI tube).

According to the “What to Expect” app, my baby is 16″ long and weighs 2.5 lbs. Or as big as “a head of cauliflower”?? What a weird comparison, but I digress.

Saw Dr. Zimmerman at my regular OB practice today (they will be the ones actually delivering him, even if my care is managed by Dr. Lopez-Zeno at Northside Perinatal) and here’s how things are looking!

Weight gain/loss: I’ve finally gained 3 lbs over my first visit weight. Still breaking even with zero gain on my morning scale. In my defense, I had just had lunch.

BP: 132/78

Other: measuring “perfect” and no weirdness in my, um, specimen. I declined the dTap vaccine – I just don’t want this kid getting exposed to one more thing, and we are at a really low risk of exposure anyway. Not to mention it is an off label use not indicated for pregnancy or after the required booster, blah blah blah. I declined it. Then we talked in her office and she sweetly asked me if I was sleeping ok. Complimented my weight “gain”, and asked about the MRI appointment and what had gone on with Dr. Lopez-Zeno since my last visit to the office. She had the “I’m so sorry face” which sort of freaked me out a bit, but still I really do like her a lot because of the personal attention and time she gives me at each appointment. And not sitting on the exam table either…in her office, where I feel human.

Things I am thankful for today:

  • Gestational diabetes. Seriously, without it, I would not have had anymore ultrasounds until who knows when. The Lord knows I like to be prepared.
  • Medicaid, and the fact that we are poor enough to qualify still – praises be! The end.
  • Living in Atlanta. I’ve read stories on other blogs about the distances people travel to come here to deliver or see the specialists here. I live and work down the road. Thank you, Jesus.
  • Northside Hospital. I never wanted to deliver there. Avoided it like the plague. But I have changed my tune because I know that Baby Boy and I will be in the very best care, and right next to CHOA – Scottish Rite. How “providential” that my private insurance had limited OB & hospital options, and it was the only “in network” hospital.
  • Uneventful OB visits.

Everything happens for a reason. I do not believe in coincidence. So I will be thankful, and choose to choose joy!