This morning’s Google search has been concentrated on preparing for our Fetal MRI tomorrow. If you don’t know WHY I’m having a Fetal MRI, please read this. I’ve had a week to think about this – which is a dangerous thing. I will share with you some of my irrational fears. Please do feel free to laugh at me.

  1. The MRI tube at Egleston will be child sized. I am comforted by the fact that a 16 year old linebacker is also a “child” so they probably use a standard size MRI tube just with kid comforts. I was told I could bring the DVD of my choice. Decisions, decisions.
  2. They might not have a gown large enough for a pregnant woman who is gaining gravitational force with each passing day. Again, I picture linebackers and I am slightly encouraged. I do know for a fact they have bed sheets there; that’ll do.
  3. Have I had some unknown procedure where an errant piece of metal was left inside my body? One way or another, I will find out – hopefully without pain.

Here is what I do know, and I will share in case you are curious, because some of you have asked me:

  • I will NOT be sedated. I’m just the host here… I plan to take a nap. Please pray that this baby chooses to do likewise.
  • I will NOT be administered the IV contrast stuff – it hasn’t been tested for pregnancy and it crosses the placenta – gross.
  • I will be in the tube for about 30-40 minutes, maybe more, while they try get the images they need. Most likely on my back, oy.
  • I will meet with the neuro-radiologist after my imaging series is completed to go over the findings and prognosis. His name is Dr. Desai, and from my background search, it appears that he teaches this stuff at Emory, so he’ll do.

So there you have it. Shout out to my sister, Sarah. She has graciously offered up her home and self to watch over the littles (minus one who is with the grandparents this week), so that John can come with me. The kids are excited about this change in their rather boring summer schedule. So the plan is a trip to Vinings after breakfast, then the journey into town. We’ll be checking in around 11:30 am and hopefully, we will get some answers.

P.S. Fun Fact: apparently tattoos can have microscopic bits of metal in them and can heat up in an MRI. I am tattoo-less, but found this interesting.

Thanks for all of the positive thoughts and prayers!